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Advancing applied x-omics in Denmark

Advancing applied x-omics in Denmark

The Biopeople X-omics group includes consolidated biotech companies and researchers from Danish universities with a common interest in increasing the potentiality of genomics, proteomics and metabonomics. The companies that participate in this group offer complex and sophisticated technologies and analysis suited to answer current needs in the area of the microbiome biomarkers, DNA sequencing, molecular diagnostic of highly prevalent diseases, biostatistics, among others and in tune with the knowledge generated by academics working in the same field.

Objective of the group

This group works together to expand the infinite possibilities of services, collaborations and applications in the area of X-omics, in order to satisfy demands that arise from public institutions - as private and public hospital and clinics-, research institutes, agriculture or pharmaceutical industries, that in turn will give innumerable gains for our society.


Biopeople has a specific focus on the technologies of x-omics and clinical applications of x-omics. X-omics research includes the genome, proteome and metabolome research, respectively.

Members of the working group

Louise Bruun Thingholm, BiomCare

Malene Møller Jørgensen, Region Nordjylland

Morten Venø, Omiics ApS

Mads Toft Søndergaard, DNASense ApS

Allan Stensballe, Aalborg University

Mogens Kruhøffer, BioXpedia A/S

Ulf Bech Christensen, Pentabase ApS


Louise Bruun Thingholm, PhD Bioinformatics, M.Sc. Molecular Medicine, Co-founder BiomCare (Aarhus, Denmark). BiomCare works with Microbiome, which is a new addition to the world of omics-data research, and like the other omics, the function and relevance of the microbiome is closely linked to its context-the human body- and influences other omics such metabolomics and transcriptomic.

Being part of the X-omics working group allows me to interact with experts in other omics, be inspired and promote consideration of the microbiome in new developments and initiatives. Exchanging insight, ideas and expertise is a key factor for my participation in the group, as well as the ability to promote microbiome events and initiatives in Danish research and industry


Allan Stensballe, Industrial PhD (ATV), Associate Professor, Department of Health Science and Technology, Translational biomarkers for Pain & Precision Medicine (A part of the Danish National Research infrastructures PRO-MS & ELIXIR)

The X-omics working group allows us to spread information and increase the understanding of the fantastic opportunities when integrating and collaborating on Omics technologies from academia to companies. My personal interest is to increase the network-based strengths in Omics-related applications for precision medicine


Mads Søndergaard, PhD, Research and development specialist at DNASense (Aalborg, Denmark). DNASense's mission is to make cutting-edge DNA sequencing and bioinformatics readily available to life science research and industry.

Biopeople X-omics facilitates connecting like-minded companies for better reaching collaborators and customers. X-omics also provides a good opportunity for collaborating on projects where technologies and competences can be complemented via several companies. The shared business network of the X-omics workgroup also has the potential to connect partners with new business area. Interestingly, at the business development level the partners also share similar challenges and therefore benefit from the X-omics collaboration for general business advancement


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