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Denmark has a strong and historical tradition in biotechnology & pharmaceutical research and development. This is mainly due to the strong research tradition of the academic research institutions, which more than 100 years ago paved the way for the development of the Danish based international pharmaceutical companies such as the Novo Group, H. Lundbeck and LEO Pharma. This tradition is the basis of many new small Danish life science companies, which has formed the Danish life science cluster, as it is today, where the Danish pharmaceutical export significantly contributes to the GDP and jobs.

Denmark plays an important part at the international life science scene, and it is of utmost importance to the Danish welfare structure that Denmark fosters academic and pharmaceutical research and development activities in the life science field on a continued and foresighted base.

Biopeople operates in the life science environment, which is currently changing. The life science era took a giant leap by the decoding of the human genome about 15 years ago. Today we more deeply understand the fundamental molecular principles of disease, and this knowledge transforms the development of medicine, and consequently the health care system. In the future doctors will apply new diagnostic methods to choose the right medication and treatment. Biomarkers will provide increasingly detailed information as to which therapy, under what circumstances, at what point in time and in what dosage achieves a positive outcome. These expanding treatment opportunities is a key driver of a total paradigm shift in public health care, where the so-called “Four Ps” form the basic building blocks of future medicine, treatment principles and preventive actions: anticipating (Predictive) and preventing (Pre-emptive) disease in the future will involve highly precise, personalized diagnosis and corresponding treatment (Personalized). Furthermore, patients will gradually play a more active decision-making role in their own health care (Participatory).

At the same time the increasing health care pressure as people grow older and the increasing treatment costs forms a societal and economic challenge for every society.

Health care costs and the paradigm shift in health care have national as well as international focus. The obvious need for the development of targeted new and better medicines combined with the use of companion diagnostics to enhance efficiency is the key to the shift in treatment modalities.

Public-private partnerships are instrumental in this development. The regulatory and funding environments need to cope with the challenges of the paradigm shift in health care. Academic research is in the forefront of using new technologies and the pharmaceutical companies constantly need to develop their pipelines. Partnerships between academia, small new companies and/or big pharma companies might be the most successful way to add new medical product development projects to the pipelines.

The Pharmaceutical Sector in Denmark - Personalised Medicine & Personalised Health Care

Denmark’s export of pharmaceuticals has increased dramatically in recent years. Denmark offers high quality research and our nation is one of the most patent-active of the OECD countries measured per capita. Danish researchers are the second-most cited in OECD countries. A significant percentage of Danish health research is supported by large private foundations such as the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Lundbeck Foundation. These foundations are recognised as major contributors to the high level of excellence achieved in Danish and international pharmaceutical research.

Denmark offers unique conditions for clinical trials, and we have a special registration legislation that allows the health registry and biobanks to follow patients and register health data.

In Denmark you will find more than 300 companies related to pharmaceuticals.

Biotech - Denmark is a leading Hub

Denmark has more than 150 biotech companies developing innovative drug candidates and industrial solutions. Danish biotech companies have a long history of world leading drug development within areas such as Neuroscience, Cancer, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Inflammation, Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases. The groundbreaking work that took place at the Carlsberg Breweries in Copenhagen paved the way for a dynamic and vibrant research environment during the 1800’s.

Denmark has global market leaders in industrial biotechnology and fx the Danish enzyme manufacturers today produce more than 70 % of the world’s total enzyme production.

Embedded in Denmark's Life Science Cluster you find the Greater Copenhagen area with Medicon Valley. We are among the global top Life Science clusters.

Pharma Medtech

The business of pharmaceuticals is trending to converge with other commercial areas such as IT, material sciences, social sciences. This is our domain of innovation.

Denmark is one of Europe’s leading medical technology industry nations. At Biopeople we focuses on medtech related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health such as linking biomarkers with diagnostics, imaging technologies, insights into diseases, combination productss, class 3 products with increased complexicity and safety considerations, regulatory sciences and preclinical and clinical documentation.

Denmark has more than 1.000 companies operating in the medical technology area.

Food Ingredients & Health

Knowledge-based and high-tech growth in the Danish food industry ensures Denmark’s continued strength as a world-class food and ingredients country. The Danish ingredients industry for foods and drinkables holds approx. 15 % of the world market. Many of the largest Danish companies are global leaders in their market segments.

Denmark holds particularly strong centres of excellence in functional ingredients, enzymes and cultures in relation to food that promotes health and welbeing. Among stakeholders in this field, Biopeople focuses on companies with interest in innovation, product development and international marketing, partnerships & collaborations.

Denmark maintains its significant position through both relevant university labs, research centres, and a number of international companies, such as Arla, Danisco, Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, and Danish Crown.

Our Life Sciences
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