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Biomarker Commercialization (BiC)


BIC develops a platform that provides new tools to support the different phases of a new commercialization process, assessing the maturity level and emphasising the industry expectations. By enabling better and more efficient commercialization of biomarkers, BIC contributes to improving realisation and competitiveness of biomarkers discoveries, and in a long term, it will benefit hospitals and patients..

Best Practices and Pitfalls in Commercializing IVD-Applicable Biomarkers Handbook: a collection of practices for people involved with technology transfer:

Biomarker Commercialization in the Baltic Sea Region (BIC Interreg BSR).

Project Partners: Ideklinikken at Aalborg University Hospital (Lead Partner), the University of Turku, Finland, The University of Vilnius, Lithuania, and the 6 innovation clusters Biopeople (Denmark), BioCon Valley (Germany), Turku Science Park (Finland), Tartu Biotechnology Park (Estonia), Wroclaw Technology Park (Poland) and ScanBalt.

The BIC project will focus on the development of the tools to optimise the commercialisation processes of biomarkers suc as:

  • a Biomarker Development Tool
  • a Screening and Selection Guide
  • a Framework for Technology Translation into clinical setting
  • Business Model Templates
  • BSR Biomarker Platform
  • Technology presentation and match making tools

Biopeople project coordinator: Randi Krogsgaard

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