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Denmark - Biopeople in the very first European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence


Cluster excellence in Life Sciences – internationalisation of SMEs

Clusters, networks and business and innovation support organisations can help their cluster participants to maximize opportunities linked to cross-sectoral and inter-regional cooperation and internationalisation, by expanding relationships and by enhancing public-private partnerships. Clusters can catalyse mutual learning and facilitate access to emerging markets.

CELIS addresses these challenges by combining some of the world-class life science ecosystems in Europe, where cross-sectoral fertilisation has given rise to promising new technologies and products, resulting in new value chains. The project builds on the existing Health Axis Europe Alliance, with the aim to professionalise and expand this inter-regional cooperation and increase its impact, especially for SMEs among their members.

CELIS clusters set up a series of actions to exploit the SME innovation engine in several crucial fields, translate ideas into applications and reduce time to market. The project will offer SMEs access to emerging markets, leverage partnerships with companies, university hospitals and researchers from different sectors and regions and increase visibility for the innovation potential of participating SMEs at European level. Simultaneously, the project will prepare, train and coach cluster staff.


  • BioRN Cluster Management GmbH (DE)
  • Smart Hub Flemish Brabant Health (BE)
  • University of Copenhagen (Biopeople) (DK)
  • Tartu Biotehnoloogia Park OÜ (Tartu Biotechnology Park) (EE)

Project web site:

Key words: Emerging technologies, biotechnology, medtech, nanotech, biomarkers, market, personalised medicine.

CELIS is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (GA No.: 873857).

Bioepople contact: Emil Smedegård-Holmquist

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