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BIOPROCESS - UPSCALING Seminar - co-organised by BASF, DTU & Biopeople

BIOPROCESS - UPSCALING Seminar - co-organised by BASF, DTU & Biopeople

Despite the tremendous progress that has been made in all biotech related areas, scaling a process is still an area where personal experience of the chemist plays a major role, and where empirical scale-up rules are applied as a standard. In our one day seminar we are presenting some of the latest technological developments in the area. Experts both from industry and academia will introduce the latest array of tools and techniques with the ability to aid biotech companies to reach the next milestones in their journey towards success.


Moderator: Hanna Loyche, BASF


09:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Practicalities and Program - Hanna Loyche BASF

10:10 Welcome – Per Spindler Biopeople and Stefan Friedrich-Liebenberg BASF

10:15 Keynote: DTU Upstream/Downstream and between. Professor Krist V. Gernaey

11:15 BASF: Kolliphor® P 188 Bio - Shear protectant designed to minimize risk in biologic manufacturing. Dr Philipp Hebestreit

12:00 Lunch with meet and greet speakers

13:00 Freesense: Know your unknowns: Data-based fermentation mapping with flow-following sensor devices. Tue Rasmussen, CEO

13:30 LeoPharma: 5 Locations and 7 scales: An unfinished legacy product story. Dr. Stuart Stock

14:00 Tea/Coffee

14:30 Endress + Hauser: Optimized monitoring for the fermentation tanks. Rune Gressmann, Sales Engineer Life Science

15:00 GEA: From Lab to production scale. Søren Sandahl Skov, Senior Application Engineer

15:30 Thank you, until next time


BioProcess – Upscaling Seminar 30 January 2020

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