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Accelerate your growth; Options for funding and coaching

Boost4Health enables SME's to international collaborations or to bring their life sciences innovations to foreign markets by providing coaching, financial support, matchmaking and access international experts


13-11-2017 15:30 - 17:00


Universitetsparken 2
DK-2100 - København Ø



Boost4Health provides practical and financial support to SME's who wish to explore their international growth potential. If you wish to increase your international network, find expertise abroad and validate your products in another market. Come and learn more about Boost4Health.

You will learn about options for financial support, matchmaking events, coaching and ways to find international partners and experts.


Lasse Sørensen; Senior Business Advisor (Væksthus Hovedstaden) will give an introduction to how you as an SME can get guidance towards growth and internationalization.

Niels Westergaard; Cluster Manager (Biopeople) will tell you about the Boost4Health project and guide you through the many options provided by the project to support your growing

See also the Boost4Health homepage

For more information please contact

Niels Westergaard


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