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BIOMED INFORMATICS: Matchmaking, Acceleration & Funding Opportunities for Health and ICT

Danish SMEs are invited to attend the BIOMED INFORMATICS Workshop in Oslo @ 24th May 2017 (12:30 -16:30 hrs) to learn more about the PERMIDES Project and funding opportunities and to find collaboration partners in a speed-dating format. The workshop brings together SMEs from the biopharma/medtech and IT sectors to advance precision medicine through the development of novel digital solutions. You will also learn more about the PERMIDES & INNOLABS EU projects, offering funding for you as an SME.


24-05-2017 12:30 - 16:30


Jónas Einarsson Auditorium
Ullernchaussen 64-66
0379 - Oslo


Oslo Cancer Cluster in partnership with Smart Innovation Norway & Oslo Medtech


Why join this event? You can benefit from funding up to EUR 60.000 to accelerate the digitalisation of biopharma, biotech and health sectors. Biopharma/medtech SMEs can share the IT related needs and discuss with potential IT partners. IT companies can pitch their expertise e.g. Big Data, machine learning, data protection and find novel partners from the healthcare sector.

Travel Vouchers to attend this workshop: PERMIDES offers a travel support (max. EUR 200 for national, max. EUR 1.800 for international travels) for participating SMEs. Please find travel voucher application here and send it to

Danish SMEs are welcome and can apply for travel vouchers.

How can you benefit from PERMIDES?
PERMIDES is a perfect opportunity for start-ups and SMEs that are involved in biopharma value chain, IT sector and emerging personalized medicine industries to team up with complementary partners and opt for the rich portfolio of services & direct funding PERMIDES provides. PERMIDES kicked off the matchmaking platform on March 15, 2017. Potential project team partners for funding proposals can find each other on the PERMIDES platform. In just five weeks after the launch, approximately 150 SMEs across the globe registered in the platform to find potential partners for joint biopharma-IT innovation projects in personalised medicine. There is plenty of room for more companies to benefit from the platform!

How can you benefit from INNOLABS? INNOLABS aims to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among SMEs from different countries and sectors to develop, improve and deliver disruptive technologies mainly related to mHealth, personalized healthcare and ageing populations. INNOLABS will select more than 100 innovative project ideas to accelerate and further support monetarily and with innovation services.

Questions? Connect to Gupta Udatha (; 45534627), Jutta Heix (; 94163089) or Waqar Ahmed (; 47297558).



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