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Biomedica 2017

The Life Sciences Networking Event where business and science meet




Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven University of Technology
De Zaale
5612 - Eindhoven


Biomedica Foundation Board


In the spirit of euregional and international cooperation, the 2017 Biomedica Life Sciences Summit will bring together top researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, and also from all over the globe. We are certain that our next Biomedica Summit will be an even bigger success than the last.

TU Eindhoven is an ideal venue for the Biomedica Summit. The Technical University shares our concern with understanding how healthcare and technology intersect: how we can use new and evolving technologies to identify and treat illnesses, or how we can integrate medical technologies into our lives to make us healthier and to help us live longer. With focuses on regenerative medicine, bio-molecular diagnostics, medical imaging, robotics, and participatory health and well-being, TU Eindhoven’s research speaks directly to the Biomedica Summit’s interests in biotech, biopharma, medtech, and care.

The Interreg partner project Boost4Health, which Biopeople is part of, will have a booth at the summit.

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