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Photo by Hasan Almasi
Photo by Hasan Almasi

Brew Your Own: Mentors and Other Advisors

About entrepreneurial mentor programs, incubators and accelerators.


27-10-2020 15:00 - 17:30


BII, Biopeople and Copenhagen Science City

For a start-up, the right counsel can boost the business. Hear what the science says about start-up advisors, learn about a Danish life science incubator programme and meet start-ups who used mentors, incubators, angels and accelerators to get ahead.


  • Vera Rocha, Assistant Professor, CBS: “The role of role models in entrepreneurship and the value of mentors and accelerator-programmes for start-ups”.
  • Christian Brix Tillegreen, Senior Business Developer, BioInnovation Institute. “How we help early stage life science innovation take the first steps towards the market”. BioInnovation Institute is a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative to help more life science research make it from lab to patient.
  • Isa Bjørnø Ipsen, CEO & Co-Founder, ObTek ApS: “How start-up advisors encouraged us to structure our business, helped us determine the roles of co-founders and gave us access to networks”. ObTek is developing a device to improve the hand-hygiene of minors.
  • Mohammad Filfil – Founder & CEO, Paragit Solutions: “How mentors helped us avoid pitfalls, prepare for government approval and secure our intellectual property rights, and why good advice can have higher value than funding”. Paragit Solutions is going to market with a novel medical device for diagnosing and managing Parkinson’s disease.

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