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Photo Michael Longmire
Photo Michael Longmire

Brew Your Own webinar: Early Stage Funding

Most start-ups launch with funding from friends, fools and family. This Brew Your own discusses where to find funding for your start-up, when to say no and where to turn, when those close to you run out of money and patience.


19-01-2021 15:00 - 17:00


Biopeople & Copenhagen Science City

Public funds or private investors. Equity or soft money. Business Angels or banks. Finding money to run an early stage start-up is full of complicated terms and assorted players. Join this Brew Your Own to meet the largest public start-up funder in Denmark and one of the largest associations of private investors. You will also hear personal stories from two start-ups who have survived several funding rounds and lived to tell the tale.


Pernille Maj Svendsen, Programme Officer, Innovation Fund Denmark: ”How to persuade us you have a great idea. Which of our three funding programmes to apply to for your start-up soft money. What we give you beside investments”. Innovation Fund Denmark is a governmental high risk/high potential investor supporting entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to society’s challenges.
Lars Arne Christensen, Business Angel, DanBan (Danish Business Angels): “How to avoid stupid money. Why you should not let your company become a lottery ticket for investors. Why it’s valuable to let the investor challenge your opinions”. Danish Business Angels is one of Denmark’s largest networks of private investors for early stage companies.
Mads Ørbæk Andersen, COO & Cofounder and Kasper Storm Køppen, CEO & Co-founder, VIOBAC ApS. “Funding from eight sources and counting. How we attracted our investors. Why we said no to some. Where we will find our next investment”. VIOBAC ApS is developing a device to prevent the most prevalent hospital infection, avoid excess hospitalization days and reduce avoidable deaths.

Carl-Emil Grøn, CEO & Co-founder Reshape Biotech: “How investors should support you rather than hold you back and why you should probably look for funding outside Denmark”. Reshape Biotech is providing accessible automation of biotech research. They are currently marketing the world’s first inexpensive robot to take over one of the most repetitive tasks in biotech labs.

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