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Challenge Track 2019: Learn how to develop your own idea

Understanding problems. Developing prototypes. User-testing. Presenting ideas…


15-10-2019 00:00 - 00:00


Sund Hub
Nørre Alle 41
2200 - Copenhagen

Introduction to the Challenge Track and the basic concepts of idea & product development, entrepreneurship.

During the track, you will be working to solve the challenge: "Bending the curve of obesity" – a case presented by Steno Diabetes Center and Cities Changing Diabetes.

The Challenge Track consists of seven 3-hour sessions running on Tuesdays from October 15th. At the last session on December 12th, you will present your insights and receive feedback on your idea at an event at the Maersk Tower..

Your work with case providers, policy makers, and healthcare professionals during the Challenge Track is not only a theoretical assignment. It's real people looking for real solutions.

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