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Connect Denmark Springboard®

A novel diagnostic tool to solve a large unmet need in a global agricultural industry.


10-03-2020 14:00 - 17:00


University of Copenhagen, Panum
Blegdamsvej 3B, 15 etage
2100 - Copenhagen


Connect Denmark

(The 20 min. presentation will be in English, feed-back and discussuin in Danish)

Focus: Business Development

Sparring points

- Go-to-market strategy. How to select the best sales and marketing channel?

- What are the unique and unexpected challenges of selling to farm owners, operators, veterinarians?

- Are we focusing on the right customers?

- Partnering strategy. How to structure agreements with partners/suppliers?

- Have we chosen the relevant segmentation and best pricing strategy?

Sector: Agro, Agroindustry, Medtech

Level: Proof of Concept

Dated diagnostic practices result in incorrect infection treatment with antibiotics of dairy cattle upwards of 50% of the time. The company has developed a novel diagnostic method based on newly discovered chemistry that enables a comprehensive and cost-effective diagnostic tool to reduce incorrect treatment.

The underlying technology allows an unprecedented flexibility in design of analyses (using DNA and non-DNA based biomarkers) and a 10x reduction in analysis time. The technique is particularly suited to working in remote locations where laboratory level cleanliness cannot be achieved, f.ex. on-farm.

The technology allows the company to bring the most recent advances from human medicine to the industrial veterinary practice.

The company’s first product targets the dairy industry. Incorrect usage of antibiotics alone results in net losses of 10 mio. DKK just in Denmark. The first goal of the company is to eliminate these losses. Worldwide, the first indication/commercial application is 6.7 Billion DKK problem.

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