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Danish IP Fair 2021

The Danish IP Fair 2020-2021 takes place on 5 May 2021 – as a one-day networking and matchmaking event that offers a unique opportunity to scout new technologies from Danish universities and university hospitals


05-05-2021 07:48 - 18:48

The event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

It was scheduled for 23 September 2020, but as the limit on indoor gatherings will not be raised as expected by late-August, it is unfortunately not possible to carry out the event. We are aiming to be back on 5th of May 2021 with an even grander version of the fair, so please save the day Despite the cancellation, you will not miss out on more detailed information on the technologies, that were to be presented on 23 September, as we will provide all registered participants/company representatives with electronic copies of the posters, including contact details.

Please follow us on LinkedIn, where we will inform about 2021.

Best regards, The Danish IP Fair team & Biopeople

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