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Danish IP Fair - The next big thing!

On May 8th 2019, the Danish IP Fair will once again open the doors at the Confederation of Danish Industry, to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals for a 1-day matchmaking event.




Danish universities, Biopeople and others

Danish IP Fair will showcase 80 cases as spin-out investment or licensing opportunities in an open fair environment, and facilitate up to 450 pre-scheduled partnering meetings where investors and industry professionals have the opportunity to discuss business and match make with entrepreneurs and researchers. The cases will range from presenting frontier technology to being IP based start-ups.

We will also have keynote debates about Denmark’s new early funding landscape and fireplace interviews about investment experiences.

The Danish IP Fair 2019 will cover the research areas:

  • Medtech & Analytics
  • Biotech & Pharma
  • Advanced Technologies and Materials
  • Robotics and Drones

Join us in an event that strives to bring new technologies to market and share knowledge in technology and funding - you might even discover the next big thing for your company.

We believe in quality over quantity and aim to meet your expectation of spending your time beneficially with the most recent trends in applied science and business.

The event is located in Central Copenhagen for a convenient fly-in fly-out experience.

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