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Genesis 2017: From Bio-Innovation to Health and Wealth Delivery in Tomorrow’s World.

Biopeople invites you through the Boost4Health project to attend Genesis and to apply for a travel voucher. We furthermore offer a conference discount of 140£ upon registration




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Biopeople has the pleasure to invite you to attend Genesis with Boost4Health and receive:

  • Access to online partnering system when you register for the event.
  • Discounted entry, offering Boost4Health delegates the gold member rate.
  • Exclusive Boost4Health networking dinner on the 13th December
  • A €500 Travel Grant to help cover the costs of travel and accommodation

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About Genesis
Genesis 2017 will build on the previous 16 years of experience in assembling a forum where industry executives, investors, academic researchers, policymakers and the expert advisers can exchange and debate their collective insight in order to provide true thought leadership for the sector, themselves and their stakeholders.

Our ability to investigate the biological processes linked to ill health is combining with our ability to collect, combine and interrogate ever increasing and complex data sets to enable researchers to generate innovate treatment hypotheses for better targeted and effective interventions. These interventions may be biochemical or mechanical and indeed in some cases preventative rather than therapeutic.

The previous Genesis showcased and debated how innovative scientific, technology and business strategies were facilitating the transformation of knowledge into better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Under the overarching theme of “From Bio-Innovation to Health and Wealth Delivery in Tomorrow’s World”, our 17th Annual Genesis Conference, will take place on Thursday 14 December 2017 in London.

The event will again engage all the key elements for those active in R&D, finance, policy making and service provision across Life Sciences, Digital and Health Technology fields in creating a vision of where the sector is heading.

Over 70 expert speakers and panellists will lead sessions discussing which approaches will deliver better outcomes for patients, investors and payers.



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