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How to hire the best with limited time and resources?

Medicon Valley Alliance and Københavns Erhvervshus are testing, whether there is a demand for the talent recruitment services from Københavns Erhvervshus among our members, and this event is meant as a little appetizer.


16-11-2017 08:30 - 10:00


Københavns Erhvervshus
Nyropsgade 1
1602 - København V


Københavns Erhvervshus and Medicon Valley Alliance


If you are interested, feel free to sign up with our partner Mihaela Negru, from Københavns Erhvervshus - see full agenda below

Recruitment event: Barebones Recruitment – How to hire the best with limited time and resources

8.20 Breakfast & Registration
8.50 Welcome from Medicon Valley Alliance
8.55 Welcome from Københavns Erhvervshus
9.10 Group discussion on Recruitment Challenges
9.20 Barebones Recruitment – How to hire the best with limited time and resources”, Adam Jones, Engineering Recruitment Manager for Unity Technologies

In the last 18 months Unity grew from 720 to 1,502 people globally, predominately in technical, hard to fill positions. This talk will focus on the 3 main areas that made recruiting the best people possible, quickly with limited budget and resources possible.

These are:

  • What to prepare before you start Recruiting. How to set yourself up for success and front-loading the recruitment process.
  • What are the key areas to focus on when you are Recruiting. What to prioritize, what to leave out and who to involve.
  • Onboarding new employees and preparing for success. What data to keep for your next position.

9.50 – Wrap up Q&A with Adam Jones, Unity Technologies, and Mihaela Negru, Københavns Erhvervshus

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