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Human Biotech & Animal Health partnering 2018 - Amsterdam

HBAH facilitates collaboration between these two fields to discuss the numerous benefits to both industries of working in partnership. Get your 10 % Biopeople member discount.






Kisaco Research


Following on from the highly successful Boston launch in March 2018, the Human Biotech & Animal Health Business Partnering Summit comes to Amsterdam, to explore how human biotechs can maximize the therapeutic and commercial potential of their technologies, while serving unmet medical needs in veterinary health.

The conference is connecting innovative biotechnology from human medicine with veterinary expertise to accelerate R&D in animal health, and to promote a global and holistic approach to healthcare.

Learn more on the conference website.

Benefits of collaboration include:

  • De-Risk and validate human products, by testing in outbred animal patients with naturally-occurring diseases.
  • Supply unmet and underserved medical needs in veterinary health, and work at the forefront of innovation in the animal health industry.
  • Generate non-dilutive income through licensing and royalty revenue at low operational cost, to support human projects and the wider business.
  • Maximize IP assets by leveraging products in both human and animal health, and secure both with patent term extension strategies.

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