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In-Sourcing in the Pharmaceutical industry

Free Seminar for all with managerial- and/or budget responsibility throughout the organization, including (not limited to): - CEO´s - Directors - Outsourcing Managers - Production/Department Managers - HR etc


21-01-2019 14:00 - 16:30


Eurofins Professional Scientific Services
Ørnebjergvej 1
2600 - Glostrup


Eurofins Professional Scientific Services In-sourcing Solutions is a program that places our exclusively managed laboratory services team to execute a scope of work or project directly at the client´s site, using the client´s laboratories and quality systems. We collaborate with clients as a strategic partner to understand their distinct body of work. Our Professional Scientific Services (PSS) management team hires, trains and exclusively manages our highly skilled team that can perform work in a variety of technical disciplines spanning the drug development pipeline.
Adopting this PSS in-sourcing approach allows organizations to benefit from the expertise of an experienced laboratory testing provider, while affording clients the security associated with keeping projects, proprietary methods and analytical techniques in house.
If you are looking for answer to these questions, you should attend this seminar:

  • Why do some pharmaceutical companies choose an external service provider to In-source services instead of using temporary staffing?
  • What is PSS´s approach for hiring and retaining quality employees?
  • What services does PSS offer?
  • What are the key benefits of In-sourcing for pharmaceutical companies?
  • Why has Eurofins Professional Scientific Services In-sourcing Solutions become so successful?

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