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Invitation to Danish companies join the BioKorea 2019 delegation

Contact Biopeople to join the Danish delegation programme, the Danish Pavillon at BioKorea2019, 17-19 April 2019, and to get more benefits of touring and matchmaking. BioKorea 2019 is special since it is the 60th Diplomatic Relations Anniversary between Denmark and Korea.




COEX Exhibition Center


Biopeople, ICDK Seoul

BIO KOREA is an annual international convention with exhibition & conference promoting pharma and life science industry. BIO KOREA 2019, 17-19 April will be the 14th conference of the kind. It focuses on technology transfer and effective business promotion.

BIO KOREA is one of the most comprehensive bio technology events. First started in 2006, annual BIO KOREA became the most influential and well known event in Asia, this event would provide a great opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors to meet fast growing Korean bio companies and leading Korean research institutions.

Why South Korea?
With 51 million population, South Korea is world’s most advanced economy with a heavy focus on strategy for groundbreaking technologies and innovation, and home to tech giants such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK. South Korea’s strong fundamentals in ICT make it possible for the country to strive in fast and high quality clinical trials, solid development in robotic medical devices and R&D for novel pharmaceutical profile buildup.

BIO KOREA website (in English)

Promotional video Biokorea 2019

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