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Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Summit 2017

The emerging field of microbiome research is a potential future stronghold of Medicon Valley and national and regional research activities are already blooming in the region


04-10-2017 - 05-10-2017


Edvard Thomsens Vej 14
Ørestad City
2300 - Copenhagen S


Medicon Valley Alliance


It is the explicit ambition of Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) to contribute to the realization and positioning of Medicon Valley as the most competitive and vital life science cluster in northern Europe. In line with this commitment, MVA, together with partners, are proud to invite you to Medicon Valley Alliance Microbiome Summit 2017! Here we provide a venue for bringing together microbiome scientists and companies with MVA members to define the state of microbiome research in life science and provide opportunities for collaborations in this emerging multidisciplinary field of science.

Key national and international experts will address topics such as
Microbiome & metabolic disease
– Microbiome & CNS disorders
– GI & oral microbiome
– Microbiome, probiotics & nutrition
– Microbiome & new technique platforms

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