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Open Space Technology Lab: Scifeon – scientist-friendly data management - Copenhagen (cancelled)

Experience a better way to manage, process and share research data.


04-09-2018 13:00 - 15:30


Maersk Tower

Room: 7.15.92
DK-2100 - København Ø



The first of Biopeople’s Open Space Technology Labs presents:

Scifeon is a novel type of data management platform for scientific research. It is built to match your research – and provides powerful customization features that enable you to quickly adapt the system to rapidly changing research processes.

On 4 September, you can get an introduction to Scifeon and then try it out yourself – at a hands-on introduction with assistance from the programmers who created the platform

Hands-on Experience with a Scientist-friendly Research Data Management System

Better research data management offer numerous benefits to you and your colleagues:

  • You save time by automating routine data processing
  • You can perform more powerful data analyses – and find the results hidden in your data
  • You can more easily track data from conclusions all the way back to raw data and experiment records
  • You can share data with your colleagues – and vice versa
  • You can find results from yesteryears students and colleagues

Scifeon offers a novel, scientist-friendly way to manage scientific data – emphasizing flexibility, agility and customization. The concepts are based on our experience developing software for the research division of Novo Nordisk – and we are now building the platform that we missed back then.

You can manage laboratory and research data, e.g. experiments, samples, plates, and different kinds of results. Scifeon also includes an ELN and powerful customization and programming features – that you can leverage to build your lab-specific system.

Foremost, we emphasize a do-it-yourself approach to customization, which is best done by the people close to the research.

At this event, you will receive a short introduction to the Scifeon platform and then the bulk of the time will be hands-on – you will work with Scifeon yourself, loading either your own data or some demo data that we provide.


This event is aimed at scientists who are interested in better data management as well as scientific programmers and software engineers working in research organizations.

The event is limited to 20 participants and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Program – September 4th, 2018

13.00 Introduction to Scifeon

13.45 Break

14.00 Practical data management – bring your own data and laptop. We will guide you in setting up a Scifeon system on your laptop and load your own data

15.30 Finish up – or stay a little longer

Practical details

Please bring your own laptop

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