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Personalized Medicine & Oncology Biomarkers Delegation Tour & BioMed Conference, Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv


Biopeople, ICDK Tel Aviv, The Danish Biomarker Network, Bioneer, MVA Oncology Network / MVA, BioJerusalem, Pharma Israel

Invitation to Danish-Israeli Round Trip: The Future of Oncology Biomarkers -in conjunction with the Biomed 2017 - Europe's Largest Biomed Conference - Tel Aviv, 21-25 May 2017Biopeople, in collaboration with Danish and Israeli partners, is hosting a seminar on "The Future of Oncology Biomarkers" in Tel Aviv and invites Danish and Swedish companies and researchers to join the Danish delegation to the seminar and conjuring International MIXii-Biomed 2017 Conference. The seminar will include presentations by leading experts and roundtable discussions focusing on the latest developments within Personalized Medicine and Personalized Health Care including biobanks and biomarkers. The aim of the seminar and related activities is to facilitate in-depth discussions with a view to share knowledge and explore collaboration opportunities.

  • Welcome reception and introduction to Israel by the Danish Ambassador and introduction to the Israeli business culture (21 May)
  • Seminar on "the Future of Oncology Biomarkers" with roundtable discussion. Seminar opening by Danish Minister of Science & Higher Education Søren Pind (22 May)
  • Official Delegation Dinner with participation of Mr. Jesper Vahr, Ambassador of Denmark to Israel, and Danish Minister of Science and Higher Education Søren Pind (23 May)
  • Match-Making Event & tailored B2B meetings (23 May / as fit)
  • Site visit to the Sheba Hospital, Hadassah Medical Center and companies in medical research and cancer (23 and 24 May)

You are invited to participate in the round trip, which is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Your total cost will be approx. 9.000 DKK (to cover flights, hotel and conference registration). Participation in the delegation is free of charge and includes introduction session, seminar, official dinner matchmaking / B2B meetings and site visits. Registration is open to companies and university / hospital researchers from both Denmark and Sweden (Medicon Valley). Registration is mandatory (see below).Danish delegates from:

  • Nils Brunner, University of Copenhagen
  • Kim Holmstørm, Bioneer A/S
  • Per Spindler, Biopeople
  • Estrid Høgdall, Herlev Hospital, Capital Region of Denmark
  • Peter Buhl Jensen, Oncology Venture ApS
  • Claus Lindbjerg Andersen, Aarhus University
  • Peter Olesen, ActiFood ApS
  • Participants from Danish companies, universities and hospitals

Israeli participants at 22 May seminar:

  • Yehudit Cohen, MIDGAM -Israel National Biorepository, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Biobank, Midgam
  • Biobank Hadassah
  • Biobank Sheba
  • Progenetics
  • Bar Ilan
  • Melanoma Sheba
  • Molecular Pathology, Hadassah
  • Mor research clalit
  • NovellusDx
  • Department of Internal Medicine, Beilinson
  • Felsenstein Medical Research Center, TAU
  • Hematology Laboratory, Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital
  • Curewise
  • Molecular-Oncology, Felsenstein Medical Research Center
  • Hadassah
  • Compugen
  • KAHR medical
  • Rosetta Genomics Israel
  • todox diagnostics
  • Zortal
  • BioJerusalem
  • Pharma Israel
  • BMS Israel
  • Major Israeli Company and researchers groups

Israelic partners are BioJerusalem ( and Pharma Israel ( partners include ICDK Tel Aviv, Bioneer, University of Copenhagen, The Danish Biomarker Network, MVA Oncology Network and Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA).Contacts for further information and expression of interest:Louise Vibjerg Thomsen, Commercial Counellor, Head of Trade & Innovation Officer, at loutho(at) contact: Per Spindler, DirectorAdditional Reading:BioJerusalem is developing a life science hub of sustainable enterprises and solid investments, grounded on cutting edge innovation. The cluster encourages the creation of new companies, guides entrepreneurs through the startup stage, advances the growth of existing companies and fosters connections between the various life sciences sectors in Jerusalem and globally. The cluster is focused on the development of a cluster in Jerusalem but also caters to companies in other parts of Israel and works to create international awareness of the technology assets, capabilities and resources of the Israeli life science sector.Pharma Israel is the association of the Israeli subsidiaries of the multinational life sciences companies; international leaders in medical research & development. These include Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Sanofi, Roche, MSD, Norvartis, Merck and others. Pharma Israel aspires to create an environment that attracts multinational pharmaceutical companies to invest in the research and development of innovative medicines in Israel, while ensuring the safety of medications and their accessibility to the public. Pharma Israel is recognized as a source of valuable information to health care decision making. This role derives from the association's profound concern for safety and promotion of the public health in Israel.Why Israel and how this initiative meets company and researchers needs?-Life Science is one of the most significant research, innovation and commercial sectors in Denmark and Israel. Both countries invest substantial resources in the research and development of technologies and devices for prevention, detection and treatment of diseases. Currently, one of the main diseases in focus internationally is oncology and the improvement in treatment of oncology through the use of biomarkers. Both Denmark and Israel are internationally recognised as leading in the field, in terms of research and in terms of the development of new technologies wherefore the potential for cooperation is great.-In order to ensure the continuing success of the Danish biotech industry, Danish companies and research institutions need the opportunity to engage with leading experts and identify ventures with international biotech companies and research institutions. Over the last ten years, Israel has succeeded in manifesting itself as a world leading cluster for innovative biomed and biotechnology. The solid foundation of the Israeli biotech created by high educational standards, heavy public investments in R&D, the strong role of venture capital in Israel and the presence of the major international companies makes Israel attractive to Danish companies looking for research partners, technological development of products and funding, also as Israel is a member of the EU funding programs. For the purpose of life science research, Israel also offers access to anonymous patient information and the presence of many ethnic groups in Israel giving access to a large pool of genetics information.



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