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Photo from unsplash/@Teslariu_Mihai
Photo from unsplash/@Teslariu_Mihai

The Emerging Influence of Digital Biomarkers on Healthcare

Digital biomarkers, omics technologies and behavioural interventions have a huge potential to improve treatment outcome for patients, but challenges around evidence generation, infrastructure, incentives, and workflow remain. Sign up and get in-depth knowledge of the potential and the challenges.

At this webinar you will get three very different perspectives on how ‘digital biomarkers’ of different nature and derived from very different sources can be used to improve treatment outcomes for patients.

Meet and learn from representatives from some of the most innovative Danish organisations

  • Bettina Lundgren, M.D., D.M.Sc. and CEO for the Danish National Genome Center: The Danish National Genome Center is to be the focal point of a visionary and balanced development of personalised medicine in Denmark and has been established as an independent organisation under the Ministry of Health. CEO Bettina Lundgren talks about the new infrastructure that will benefit patients directly. Now and in the future.
  • Anton Pottegård, Clinical pharmacist, PhD, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology at Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark: Professor of pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacy using real-world data from Danish or international data sources to investigate known or unknown effects of drug treatment. Anton Pottesgård has made a preview of his presentation which can be found HERE.
  • Andreas Pihl, M.D. and Senior Medical Advisor at Omhu, LEO Innovation Lab: Working at the intersection between tech and dermatology, making healthtech solutions for patients and doctors working with skin-diseases. Author of educational book in dermatology and a popular book discussion the future of healthcare and family medicine.

This webinar is organised in a collaboration between the two Danish innovation networks WelfareTech and Biopeople. Participation is free, but registration is mandatory, and you can register HERE.

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