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Translational biomarkers & precision medicine seminar

Are you interested in learning more about state-of-the-art
advanced biomarker discovery strategies? - Join us in-person or virtual ...


04-09-2020 12:30 - 16:00


Forskningens Hus
Sdr. Skovvej 15
9000 - Aalborg



Translational Biomarkers are potential prognostic, diagnostic, and treatment indicators. Despite their increasing potential for precision medicine, their development and validation remain challenging. Translational studies benefit from fundamental studies in well suited models using pig to human studies. In this seminar we will highlight a range of timely topics and translational research for post-genomics biomarker development and disease pathophysiology for improved precision medicine.


  • Welcome by Allan Stensballe & Jane Nøhr
  • Benedict Kjærgaard (AAUH): Extra corporeal circulation enables studies with extreme degrees of hypothermia, ischemia, anoxia, and poisoning in pigs.
  • Pelle Emil Hanberg (AUH): Microdialysis, as a sampling method, has the potential to generate valuable in vivo information regarding the inflammatory processes
  • Winnie Jensen (AAU): New Treatments for Pain by translational research
  • Peter M. H. Heegaard (DTU): Human disease modelling and an inflammatory toolbox for pig-to-human clinical diagnostics – a focus on obesity
  • Allan Stensballe (AAU): Translational biomarkers and companion diagnostics by post-genomics technologies for improved disease understanding and precision medicine
  • Niels Ejskjær (AAUH): Neuropathies in Diabetes and Cancers – bridging disease pathologies by translational research
  • Stanislava Pankratova (KU): Bridging neonatal systemic infection and brain development – translational piglet to neonate research
  • BioXpedia: Commercial biomarker opportunities & a COVID-19 update

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. It is also possible to participate over zoom. A zoom link will be provided when you register. You can register HERE.

Biopeople contact: Monica Recabarren



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