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Why you should use X-rays in formulation of biologics

In this webinar, you will be introduced to new possibilities for tests, trouble shooting, and investigations of drug formulations.
The inspirational presentations will show how x-ray scattering techniques can provide nanometer scale insight into formulation structure and stability. And, not least, how this insight is used to determine optimal conditions for liquid formulation. The presentations will cover the range from academic studies to systematic industrial use.


10-12-2020 15:00 - 16:00


The webinar is hosted by Biopeople and the Danish Technological Institute.


15.00-15.15: Grethe V. Jensen (Danish Technological Institute): Welcome - and Introduction to uses of X-ray scattering in pharmaceutical formulations

15.15-15.30: Annette Langkilde (Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen): Protein fibrillation from the BioSAXS perspective

15.30-15.45: Malin Zackrisson (Novo Nordisk A/S): Changing the game in biophysical characterization regarding manufacturing development of proteins and particles

15.45-16.00: Reflections and joint Q&A

This is a free online event organized by Danish Technological Institute and Biopeople. A zoom link will be provided upon registration.

NB: The webinar starts at 15.00 CET

A registration link can be found HERE.

Please contact Jane Nøhr at or Grethe V. Jensen at if you have any questions.

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