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Rune Thomsen

Position: Cluster Manager - Aarhus
Cell phone: +45 28 49 80 14

Title: BSc (Biology), MSc (Molecular Biology), PhD (Medicine)

  • Coordinator for Biopeople Theme: "Innovation and collaborations between researchers and companies focusing on inflammatory and autoimmune diseases" and the associated working group


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Contact Information

Biopeople - University of Copenhagen - Main Office

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Universitetsparken 2
DK-2100 Copenhagen

EAN: 5790000279203
VAT: 29979812


Biopeople - Aarhus University (Institute of Biomedicine)

Rune Thomsen

Professor Thomas Vorup-Jensen


Biopeople - Aalborg University Hospital (Id├ęklinikken)

Monica Recabarren

Jesper Bredmose Simonsen


Trademarks (TM)

Denmark's Life Science Cluster (VR 2015 01390, 20150619)

Danish Life Science Cluster (VR 2015 01388, 20150619)

Biopeople - Innovation Across Disciplines (VR 2011 02148, 20110901)

Biopeople (VR 2010 02259, 20100830)





Staff: Rune Thomsen
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