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2A Pharma ApS

2A Pharma is a clinical stage Swedish/Danish biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel, cost effective prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines based on our patented AAVLP Platform.

Niels Jernes Vej 10
9220 - Aalborg

Phone: +45 7214 6700


Name: Mathilde Sanden
Position: Project Manager
Phone: +45 2238 1321

2A Pharma is a privately owned Swedish/Danish biotech company. The company was founded in December 2016 and has a patented, highly novel and innovative vaccine platform based on adeno-associated virus-like particles (AAVLPs) that assemble into viral capsids without containing viral genomes; hence they are replicative-defective and non-pathogenic. The viral capsid has repetitive immunogenic sites, which can be modified to encompass antigenic epitopes for a target of interest, generating an antibody response where both the innate and the adaptive immune systems are activated.

Targeting a growing $3bn+ global market currently dominated by one player, the clinical stage lead drug candidate 2AP01 is a human papillomavirus vaccine based on AAVLPs with insertion of L2 minor HPV capsid peptides, providing protection against all tested HPV strains (25 tested to date) and formulated without adjuvants.

In addition to 2AP01, the pipeline consists of six prophylactic and/or therapeutic vaccines in a range of therapeutic areas including cancer, allergy, viral infections, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases with proof of concept data supporting the efficiency of the platform.

There are several opportunities for partners to engage with 2A Pharma. We are looking for a partner to continue the clinical development of 2AP01 (HPV) beyond phase 1 and we are open to partnering on other pipeline vaccine candidates. Another opportunity would be to collaborate on development of new AAVLP based vaccines of interest to a partner.

Additional information about 2A Pharma and the current status of development of our vaccine candidates can be found on our website:

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