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Copenhagen Bio Science Park – COBIS

Copenhagen Bio Science Park – COBIS – is located centrally in Copenhagen close to the research institutions in biotechnology, medicine, and pharmacology.
The Science Park is right next door to the Health Faculty of Copenhagen University, the Main Hospital, and not least the new Biocenter on Tagensvej with the elite research centre, the Biotech Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC). The Biocenter houses scientists and experts from BRIC, the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology from Copenhagen University as well as experimental cancer research units from the Capital Region of Denmark. With this location, COBIS is – both on a national and international scale – located in an environment of excellence when it comes to knowledge and commercial use of biotechnology, medicine, and pharmacology.

COBIS is an ambitious centre of growth, creating the right conditions for the biotechnological successes of tomorrow. COBIS has something to offer you regardless of whether you represent an established life science company, a CRO within life science, or even if you simply have a good idea and need help to get started.
COBIS is the ideal environment for innovative life science companies. It is particularly suitable for companies with a connection to the research environment who want to research within the field of biotechnology.

The facility itself is exceptional: A 12.000 m2 building of modern architecture complete with lab facilities, offices and service areas. COBIS is home to a powerful mix of national and international organizations, housing start-ups, mid-size companies and tech trans professionals within life science.

Ole Maaløes Vej 3
DK-2200 - Copenhagen N

Phone: +45 7070 2980

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