DFM - Dansk Fundamental Metrologi

DFM - Dansk Fundamental Metrologi

Matematiktorvet 307
DK-2800 - Kongens Lyngby

Website: www.dfm.dk

Employees: 20-49 personer


Name: Mark Pollard
Email: mp@dfm.dk
Phone: +45 4525 5823

Den højeste målekompetence i Danmark inden for en række centrale målestørrelser

As Denmark’s National Metrology Institute, DFM possesses in-depth knowledge of measurement science, and has a track record of undertakings that have proved pivotal to a number of projects related to biosafety or characterization of biological matter. As examples, DFM has focused on the characterization of nanoparticles for the past 10 years, Raman spectroscopy for biological investigations, and surface measurements at the nanometer scale. DFM carries out research within these areas, among others, and is part of relevant international bodies to ensure traceability, knowledge transfer and industry relevance. DFM appreciates Biopeople as an essential meeting place to facilitate scientific advancements from cross-disciplinary efforts within Life Sciences and Metrology.

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