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MethylDetect ApS

MethylDetect ApS was established to commercialize Methylation Sensitive High-Resolution Melting technology (MS-HRM).

Niels Jernes Vej 10
DK-9220 - Aalborg Ø

VAT: 38322761


Name: Tomasz K. Wojdacz
Position: Co-founder

The technology enables highly sensitive, cost effective and user-friendly detection of DNA methylation changes in biological material. Methylation changes disrupt gene expression which leads to malfunctioning of the cells and consequently disease.

MethylDetect supplies products for the researchers to study the biology and significance of those changes in disease pathology.

Moreover, methylation changes can be utilized as biomarkers at all levels of clinical disease management, including: disease risk assessment, early disease detection, personalization of treatment and post treatment disease management. MethylDetect’s ambition is to bring our technology, enabling in-vitro diagnostic detection of methylation biomarkers, into routine use in patient care.

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