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Permides: Personalized Medicine Innovation Through Digital Enterprize Solutions 01-05-2017
A Horizon 2020 Project: Get funding for innovation partnerships to digitalize biopharmaceutical R&D
Patients should sit at the table
DEBATE: Patients should be part of clinical development. Regulations and a framework for user involvement in Denmark is a necessity 28-04-2017
A contribution to the debate on user involvement in medical development and clinical trials was published in in April 2017 following a...
Johannes Jensen, Nyborggaard in the hemp field
Valuable knowledge about production of cannabis for medical use 27-04-2017
One of the projects in the BioFactory Consortium, which runs from 2014 – 2018, is to test the best conditions for extracting a high content of CBD in...
Photo: Mogens Kruhøffer has founded BioXpedia (Max Rosborg)
New member of the Biopeople network: BioXpedia opens new doors in protein marker research 27-04-2017
BioXpedia is ready to help research units and pharmaceutical companies identifying new clinically useful protein markers and targets for treatment. By...
Copenhagen the best choice for EMA 27-04-2017
40 people representing companies, organisations, politicians and institutions in Denmark and Southern Sweden have signed a letter to President...
Boost4Health at BIO-Europe Spring 2017 27-04-2017
18 SMEs from partner regions were granted a travel voucher to attend. Biocat welcomed them with a cava-reception.
Boost4Health will have a booth at the Biomedica 27-04-2017
Members of the Biopeople network can apply for at travel voucher to go to Biomedica
Get the Biopeople discount and apply for a Boost4Health travel voucher
Want to go to BIO-Europe in Berlin? Apply for a travel voucher and also get a discount 27-04-2017
Boost4Health will be present at the 23rd annual BIO-Europe® event, which is the largest biotechnology partnering conference held in Europe. Over 3,800...
European Health Catapult 2017 - PLEASE NOTE deadline 30 April 2017 27-04-2017
You are a Startup or SME in Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health?
Karrieremesse på RUC 2016
PRESSEMEDDELELSE: Masser af muligheder for job i Region Sjælland 24-04-2017
’Der er masser af muligheder for at finde et job i Region Sjælland’, siger Andreas. Han er RUC studerende og har i 2016 været i praktik hos Royal...
Registration for the Delegation Round Trip to Israel in May 2017 is still open
Updated program for the Danish-Israeli seminar in Tel Aviv 24-04-2017
The Danish Minister of Science & Higher Education Søren Pind will open the Seminar on the Future of Personalised Medicine & Oncology Biomarkers on 22...
Danish Clusters help industry growth 31-03-2017
Clusters bridge companies and researchers and promote the development of new partnerships and new innovative products and services. A newly published...
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