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2cureX approved for First North exchange in Stockholm


Danish 2cureX is ready for an IPO on Friday 24 November 2017 at First North in Stockholm. 2cureX has developed the IndiTreat™, which has been developed and tested in more than 900 patients with promising results. 2cureX has in October 2017 started a clinical trial using IndiTreat™ with stage IV colorectal cancer patients.

"In October this year we accomplished a share issue which was heavily oversubscribed. This reflected the hugh interest for 2cureX. With this liquidity we are able finance all preparatory activities prior to the launch of our product Inditreat, as for instance CE-marking and ISO certification, building a marketing organisation and establishing new validating sites. The launch of Inditreat is planned for 2020," says founder and CEO Ole Thastrup in a press release.

2cureX was founded in 2006 with the vision of improving treatment efficiency of cancer patients. From the onset, 2cureX has been closely integrated with the cancer hospitals in the Copenhagen area. This has since been expanded to include hospitals in Germany and United Kingdom. 2cureX has successfully led multiple collaborations with both commercial and academic partners. 2cureX has since its inception raised over €7 million in both national and international grants and private investments. 2cureX will offer IndiTreat™ to cancer hospitals and clinics as a service. 2cureX is establishing laboratory facilities for conducting IndiTreat™ testing in multiple European countries.

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