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AbbVie scouts for new projects - PLEASE e-mail your proposal to Biopeople no later than 22 February 2019


Proposal to be issued at 22 February at the latest!!
AbbVie Partnering Day (ABD) in May in Heidelberg

AbbVie is seeking opportunities in their core therapeutic areas of gastroenterology (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), dermatology (psoriasis and atopic dermatitis) and rheumatology [spondyloarthropathy(ies) (SpA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA)]. They are also interested in novel therapies for treatment of interferon and Th2 driven diseases, including SLE, systemic sclerosis, and Sjogren’s syndrome. In addition, they have an emerging focus on fibrotic conditions associated with a variety of inflammatory conditions.

Use this opportunity to propose a collaboration project with AbbVie - if your targets match what AbbVie is scouting for!

Download information and proposal form below, and send it to Director Per Spindler, Biopeople, e-mail

AbbVie Core interests:

Targets, Molecules and Biology

  • Modulation of Adaptive and Innate Immunity
    • Inhibition of cytokine signaling
    • Modulation of innate lymphoid cells
    • (ILC) biology
    • Modulation of myeloid cell activation and differentiation
    • Immune regulation in tissues, including checkpoint stimulators,T-reg mechanisms, and stroma/immune cell interaction
    • Mechanisms that affect macrophage polarization/ plasticity
    • Selective inhibition of Pattern Recognition Receptors
    • Inhibition of lymphocyte activation and cell migration
    • Modulation of co-stimulation pathways
    • Targets implicated in immunometabolism
  • Barrier Function/ Tissue Repair
    • Novel insights into epithelial biology and tissue repair mechanisms that
    • promote mucosal healing to maintain and repair the epithelial barrier
    • Novel approaches to inhibiting aberrant ECM deposition and tissue remodeling
    • Pannus/fibroblast biology and novel approaches to modulating the synovial pannus
  • IL-17/ IL-23 Pathway
    • Inhibition of Th17 differentiation/regulation and IL-17 production
    • Blocking of IL-17 and IL-23 ligand/ receptor interactions
    • Inhibition of IL-17 and IL-23 mediated signaling and cell migration
    • Novel MoAs as oral therapies for psoriasis
  • Novel Biology
    • Immune system modulation by the microbiome
    • Novel target pairs that can be engaged/modulated simultaneously for therapeutic intervention
  • Fibrosis
    • Molecules and/or novel targets for the potential treatment of Systemic Sclerosis and interstitial lung disease related to autoimmune disease
    • Identifications of novel mechanisms of action involved in fibrosis

Tools and Technologies

  • Novel preclinical autoimmune disease models
  • Unique and predictive biomarkers of autoimmune disease progression and response to therapy, including biomarkers that can identify or stratify subsets of autoimmune disease patients
  • Platforms for early identification of patients with fibrotic conditions and monitoring of disease progression
  • Access to well annotated human patient samples
  • Novel approaches to delivering therapeutics with cellular and/ or tissue specificity in particular gut-restricted delivery
  • Engineered cell therapies


Friedemann Loos, BioRN and/or Per Spindler, Biopeople


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