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Attending the 6th Munich Biomarker Conference


Our new colleague in Biopeople, Jakob Vestbo, joined the steering committee of the "Biomarkers as an emerging growth area" project when they went to the Annual Biomarker Conference in Munich - read his personal experience from attending this event

At the end of November this year I had the opportunity to go to Munich and attend the 6th Annual Biomarker Conference that took place at Ramada Hotel München Messe and which focused primarily on clinical practice and targeted therapies in personalized medicine

The 28th of November I left Copenhagen along with a delegation from “Biomarkers as an emerging growth area”. Since it was my first conference in this field, I was very curious to see the practical setup, the themes, the many interesting presentations and anything else that might serve as future inspiration.

Luckily for me, the organizer Bio-M, had chosen to make a single two-day program with no simultaneous presentations or keynotes as well as long breaks in the program where it was possible to visit different stands, primarily biotech, in the exhibition area.

There were an excellent and wide variety of presenters, from both the private sector and the academic world. The subject matter was also very diverse, ranging from particular scientific breakthroughs and development of new biotech to broader healthcare strategies.

On the first day Sylvie Bove from EIT Health gave an excellent presentation on improving personalized cancer treatment and on EIT as a healthcare initiative in general. It was interesting to hear about future challenges of healthcare, seen in a broad European context.

Furthermore, I particularly enjoyed two of the keynotes: one given by Catalina Lopez-Correa on the implementation and support of genomics and precision medicine in British Columbia, Canada was interesting because it gave a good overview of how an entire province (a good deal larger than any European country) implements new research in their overall healthcare strategy.

The other keynote was the final one, given by Dolores Schendel from Medigene. The keynote was titled “from personalized to individualized medicine, the next major step in developing the medicine of the future” and showed how immunotherapy might very well be the future of cancer therapy. To me it was all cutting edge and very interesting to see how cancer tumors act in a not so predictive way when it comes to immunotherapy.

All in all it was a highly recommendable annual conference that I am glad I got to attend.

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