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Biobank Seminar in Aarhus in June


The Seminar reflects a huge interest in getting to know biobanks and how to use of them at Aarhus University

The Biobank Seminar was co-ordinated by Professor Thomas Vorup-Jensen, Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Helle Bossen Konradsen, The Danish National Biobank and Biopeople primo 2019.

There was a huge interest in the main subject which was how academia and companies gain access to the material of the biobanks as well as practical legal challenges regarding the use of biobanks.

About 25 representatives from the industry and from academia participated in the seminar and listened to the various speakers: Lasse Boding and Bart Wilkowski, the Danish National Biobank at SSi. who gave an insight in the establishment and the use of the biobank as well as a brief ”real time demo” on how to use the Biobank's website for the search of material online. Charlotte Modin from Molekylær Medicinsk Afdeling (MoMA), who spoke about the collection of blood samples in Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark and Professor Christian Erikstrup, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus Universitety Hospital spoke about projects within the Danish Blood Donor Study as well as Building a large-scale biobank.

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