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Biopeople catalyses partnerships and innovation in biotech manufacturing – a Danish life science stronghold


Product supply is important for seamless research and development of new medical products. It is mandatory to secure supply of high-quality products for the future treatment of diseases.
Biotech manufacturing is a 24-7 business in Denmark and it is an important element of the Danish Life Science eco system .

Alongside Novo Nordisk announcing its intentions to expand the world's largest production facility for active pharmaceutical ingredients in Denmark – the manufacturing capacity and businesses are rising in Denmark. Product supply is important for seamless research and development of new medical products, and it is mandatory to secure supply and high-quality products for more and more patients.

Biotech manufacturing is a 24-7 business in Denmark and is an important element of the effective ecosystem for life science innovation. Biopeople is supporting this ecosystem by building and supporting the relations between researchers and companies. Our focus areas include a palet of integrated topics such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, regulatory and quality aspects, and talent attraction and competency attraction and development.

At the upcoming CMC event, 5 March 2020, the focus is on "the biologics product development in the age of data". In organising, Biopeople joins forces with CMC Value Advisory and CMC Drug Product Consulting, and the approach to the event is to bring the manufacturing pieces together including the establishment of MCB, process optimisation, formulation development, characterization, QA, QC, and regulatory affairs. Key addresses will be from Holger Strauss (Evaxion Biotech), Faramarz Moshfegh (CMC Drug Product Consulting) and Bolette Bjerregaard (Genmab).

In January 2020, BASF, DTU and Biopeople coorganised a successful seminar on process scaling, which is one of the key challenges for many start-ups and established biotech companies. Leading industry professionals discussed the latest technological developments and expanded their network. "Denmark has thousands of jobs in production, some of the world's best research and some of the most successful companies in biotech and life science," told Per Spindler of Biopeople on the occasion of the seminar, “but despite this, many in the industry continue to face challenges in scaling up their research and business”. Among the key note presentations were DTU, LEO Pharma, GEA Group, Freesense ApS, Endress + Hauser Group and BASF. Echoed by BASF and DTU, the organizing team were delighted to be able to bring together more than 100 professionals who can help each other optimize research and manufacturing upscaling.

Since 2015, Biopeople has headed the successful regional collaboration platform for “qualified labor for production companies in Region Zealand” with a budget of more than 10 mDKK, and with the involvement of the educational institutions and companies. The collaboration increases the availability of the right and competent workforce for the region's companies, including the supply of qualified workers regionally. The collaboration has strengthened the coordination between companies and educational institutions by e.g. securing industry-relevant content of the programmes, structuring the processes for student training programmes, and matchmaking between companies and students.

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