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Biopeople is co-hosting today's springboard with Galaxa Pharma, facilitated by Connect Denmark


Disruptive and ambitous medtech company Galaxa Pharma is aiming to change the industry, by using the active drug CBD, from medical cannabis.

Connect Denmark facilitated an interesting afternoon with an experienced and dedicated panel. Galaxa Pharma presented their businessplan, and received feedback to move on forward with their journey. Galaxa Pharma wants to change the industry by using the active drug CBD from medical cannabis. Biopeople attend and co-host these types of events, because it's a great way for knowledgesharing and helping companies within the lifescience field. This is also a great opportunity for our active network members, who can get in touch with people from the industry and receive competent feedback. Feel free to contact our cluster manager Randi Krogsgaard if you want to learn more about this event.

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