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BioXpedia qualified for the final when Business Region Aarhus awarded prize for entrepreneurs


Written byRandi Munch Krogsgaard

Our network member BioXpedia provides analytical biomarker services to pharmaceutical and biotech industry, research groups on hospitals and universities and other larger research institutions.

Two-year old BioXpedia in Aarhus were so excited when Business Region Aarhus awarded the annual prize for entrepreneurs in May 2019. BioXpedia had reached the finals as one out of 17 companies among 115 nominated companies in the category ’effectivity’ and counted among one of four competing for the prize. This time, however, another company received the prize in the effectivity category.

”To be nominated was a huge achievement for BioXpedia,” says CEO Mogens Kruhøffer:”It supports our significant growth since the opening in 2017.”

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