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BIRanalyzers is pioneering the next generation of beer quality control instruments


BIRanalyzers, founded in 2019, is an early stage Danish food-tech start-up, developing the next generation of beer quality control instruments.

A new application of sensors used in atmospheric chemistry is the basis of the company, which will soon initiate product trials with selected microbreweries and will commercially launch their first product later in 2020.

Addressing the pain points of the craft beer brewing industry
In January 2019, the two co-founders Mads Andersen and Petros Venetopoulos, were informed by their network in the brewing industry that existing beer quality control instrumentation is very expensive, and that a great fraction of microbreweries are not able to invest. When brewing beer, it is recommended to monitor important parameters closely; lack of appropriate instrumentation may result in essential problems such as inconsistent product quality, process inefficiency and high amounts of waste. Mads Andersen’s experience with the development and implementation of novel sensor technologies, enabled the duo to realise the potential of applying these technologies for the development of affordable yet highly accurate and precise instruments which could enable microbrewers to brew better!

Developing the right thing in the right way
In order to develop the best possible product, it is important to align with your customers, so in tandem with the development of their first product, BIRanalyzers has been in close collaboration with several microbreweries. In November, the team spent one week, meeting and interviewing seven microbreweries in Jutland, and have continued interviews with many additional brewers in the Copenhagen area, Greece and South America. Based on design thinking principles and gamification, the company has conducted interviews by use of an interactive tool/board game that the founders created and named the “Exploring beer quality control game”. By doing so, the company successfully engaged brewers and gained detailed expert information about different brewing techniques and the applied quality assurance methods. All this input from the passionate brewing community has enabled the design of a product with all the essential capabilities, but none of the nuisance factors of previous quality control instrumentation.

Early traction in the Danish start-up ecosystem
The company has received praise for the idea and the methodology for expanding and developing the idea and funding from important Danish institutions such as Aleksander Foss (Dansk Industri), DTU Skylab, The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and more. Innovation Fund Denmark supports an incubator called the InnoFounder Graduate program and in September 2019 the Fund enrolled BirAnalyzers in that program, which has allowed Mads and Petros to work full time on their idea, while receiving qualified support. The received funding has been the cornerstone of the product development process, since it has allowed the company to get the right competencies on board. Today BIRanalyzers consists of eight people, four of those focusing on product development, two on business development, one brewing expert and one marketer, all working hard to pioneer quality control in the brewing industry!

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