Boost4Health website is open: Apply for vouchers and coaching

Boost4Health website is open: Apply for vouchers and coaching


Boost4Health provides practical and financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to explore their international growth potential. If you wish to increase your international network, find expertise abroad, validate your products in another market: join Boost4Health!

Boost4Health can provide vouchers as an incentive for your business to access international opportunities.

Join Boost4Health to apply for travel vouchers or internationalisation vouchers.

Travel vouchers
If you wish to visit experts or events abroad you can apply for travel vouchers. If your application is successful, travel costs will be reimbursed (up to €500) to your company after the trip.

Internationalisation vouchers
If you would like to move forwards with the internationalisation of your innovation Boost4Health offers two kinds of vouchers:

  • Market expertise vouchers (up to 3000 EUR to explore a new marked and,
  • Product validation vouchers (up to 5000 EUR), which may cover technical advice, prototyping, demonstration, regulatory support, usability validation or scaling-up

Would you like to learn more about Boost4Health financial support?

Get in touch with Biopeople, Niels Westergaard, who is your regional partner or express your interest with one simple form and we will contact you.

Set your course
Boost4Health also offers tailored coaching to help meet immediate business needs and to develop ambitions for the future.

Coaches can help you define potential strategies, work them through and prioritise your actions. Working with a coach means having a regular contact to assist your company.

As your strategy develops you will get the support needed to ensure that you can progress. In theend you will benefit from the tools and techniques your coach will provide, both in the short term and in the future.

In Denmark we work closely with Væksthuset, which offers business coaching and we arrange workshops on relevant issues (i.e. IP), and pitching sessions for SME's, which may be tailormade or part of a workshop.

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