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Brew your own on 3D print on 28 September


A physical event at the library of University of Copenhagen Nørre Alle

Additive Manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing allow faster design- and development cycles, less harmful production processes and more sustainable products. Meet start-ups with additive manufacturing at heart, learn what is, and what will soon be, possible with the technologies and dive into how AM is creating some of the worlds’ most promising business model


  • Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen, AM Hub: Why additive manufacturing is more sustainable for the planet and for your business.
  • Alexander Løcke, Solarsack: How a 200-dollar printer allowed us to put our prototype in the hands of 100 end users without breaking our budget.
  • Lasse Staal, Addifab: How to shave months and millions out of your product development cycle with novel Danish technology “Free form injection moulding”.
  • Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Atlant: Why we are building a 3D printer to print atoms?

“Brew Your Own” events aim to give innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers & students inspiration, information and networking opportunities crucial for brewing their own business.

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