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CEO Emil Højlund-Nielsen Copenhagen Nanosystems''
CEO Emil Højlund-Nielsen Copenhagen Nanosystems''

Copenhagen Nanosystems'' is an operational company with own production and cloud software development.


The company has commercial activities in ten countries and plans to expand into new markets later in 2019.

Profile of the month:

Copenhagen Nanosystems" started as a spinout from the Technical University of Denmark in 2015. The company started as a European research project within photonic crystals and lab-on-a-chip analysis. Back then, the analysis was done on a custom-made very expensive microscope with a pricetag of several million DKK. It used chips mounted on microscope slides made almost one by one in a semi-conductor processing cleanroom.

The data analysis was done on the university super computers based on scripts with hundreds of lines of code. However, it was clear from the beginning that there was a market need for this kind of sample analysis within enzymes, proteins, fermentation, DNA, chemistry, and foods - if it could be accessible on existing hardware, and based on a consumable with a unit-price comparable to normal labware,. Furthermore it be possible to make analysis on a normal computer in a user-friendly way. Copenhagen Nanosystems'' idea was to use a standard spectrophotometer and one of the oldest formats in the laboratory - the 1 cm path length cuvette.

NanoCuvette™ One
Copenhagen Nanosystems" has developed a product series combining lab-on-a-chip and data analysis in the cloud. The NanoCuvette™ One is the first product based on state-of-the-art nanotechnology that transforms any UV-Vis spectrophotometer into a one-size-fit-all data-driven solution for enzymes, proteins, fermentation, DNA, chemistry, and foods. The company tries to break the wheel by allowing everyone with a UV-Vis spectrophotometer to measure on many different compounds and perform advanced data savyy analysis in the cloud using our lab-on-a-chip systems with embedded nanotechnology. It makes a lot of sense to use algorithms and infrastructure developed for big data to crunch the numbers for spectroscopy. The NanoCuvette™ One is based on a start-of-the-art optical filter made from photonic crystals that interacts with the sample on the nano-scale. This allows the user to reliably measure both surface refractive index and absorbance in a standard spectrophotometer to extract both static parameters and kinetics using our data models in the cloud. Together with the free online software, the NanoCuvette™ One provides a turnkey solution in a standard laboratory format without any up-front investment.

Colorless compounds need more elaborate techniques
One of the company's challenges is that the inexpensive absorbance spectroscopy normally only works for compounds that absorb light. For colorless compounds, other more elaborate techniques are required. In general, more and more instrumentation and high-level skills are needed to stay relevant in the globalized competition and this development only seem to speed up in the future. The entry barrier in terms of expensive instrumentation and software solutions for laboratory work is increasing, while the cost of running data analysis at scale in the cloud is decreasing.

Goal: To digitalize the analytical instrumentation
Copenhagen Nanosystems" aims to digitalize the analytical instrumentation used in laboratories today and in the coming years to disrupt the analytical and point-of-care industries by bringing the power of lab-on-a-chip to the smart phone. However, in a broader context the company also hopes to motivate young people to understand the fascinating world of natural sciences and nanotechnology, also the hope is that by providing user-friendliness enable everyone to use analytical techniques to understand the world around them. The company plans to measuring particle concentrations and size distributions in a cuvette in any UV-Vis spectrophotometer next year to replace dynamic light scattering as the preferred technique for particle determination, biological cell growth and powder quality control.

Seeking collaboration partners
The company currently looks for collaboration partners to develop new methods and invites anyone who has an idea to make contact at

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