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As part of Coding Class CPHNANO challenged the young minds of school kids to think out of the box...
As part of Coding Class CPHNANO challenged the young minds of school kids to think out of the box and solve a communication problem. The kids came up with many innovative, inspiring and fun solutions including everything from clever information apps to games about catching NanoCuvettes™️.

Copenhagen Nanosystems: Simplicity and accessibility


Profile of the month: Founded in 2015 as a spinout from Prof. A. Kristensen's group at DTU Nanotech, Copenhagen Nanosystems ApS (cphnano) is a Labtech company that develops cuvettes which expands the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment via nanotechnology and cloud computing

cphnano’s customers represent global life sciences, advanced technologies and research industries

New generation analysis and diagnostics
“We believe that laboratory analysis should be a simple and accessible global commodity for everyone,” says Emil Højlund-Nielsen, CEO at cphnano. ”We therefore develop a new generation laboratory analysis and diagnostics and expand the functionality of existing simple laboratory equipment by nanotechnology. Furthermore we provide automatic data analysis in the cloud - leading to faster and more reliable results without upfront investments.”

The unique about cphnano is that their platform as the first of its kind enables customers to develop their own label-free or light scattering methods with simple spectrophotometers. They do this by using special patented cuvettes and configurable cloud-based software that may collect and process huge amounts of data efficiently and accurately in 3 seconds. The result is faster and more reliable work for customers without upfront investments.

Creative outreach
cphnano aims to launch its products globally and in the light of the current situation make a version for pathogen testing, especially for affordable COVID-19 testing.

The company reaches out to their audience in creative ways to create awareness and to interact and generate new ideas together with the life science community. They do this through the website and through LinkedIn where you will find small video interviews on the latest cphnano news and initiatives regarding the COVID-19 situation and the company’s contribution to for instance solve the COVID-19 testing challenge.


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