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Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash
Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash

COVID-19 and life science in the Nordics


Nordic Life Science News has asked Swedish, Norwegian, Island, Finland and Danish representatives about the impact of the COVID-19 situation on the national life science industries

A few quotes from the Nordic countries:

Per Spindler, Director, Biopeople: "There are financial investments from government, the Innovation Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation and others, to support coronavirus related research and development, says Spindler. ”EU institutions such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) are also increasing investments and calling for partnerships related to coronavirus. In my opinion, this is very appropriate in view of the pandemic crisis.”

Carmela Kantor Aaltonen, CEO of Finnish Bioindustries: ”We have quite many measures that the government is doing for the companies at the moment, especially for the small and midsize companies. For example Business Finland has new financing instruments. But the problem is cash money, which is low. Companies have difficulties to pay rents, salaries etc.”

Erna Björnsdóttir, Manager at Invest in Iceland: "Everyone is focused on keeping their people safe in order to secure production in Iceland. Many companies in this sector are small and vulnerable. Some report that investments deals are on hold, and they are hoping that the government will provide some special support.”

Ketil Widerberg, General Manager at Oslo Cancer Cluster: ”The Norwegian government has also introduced several important economic measures to fund COVID-19 clinical studies in Norway and to help the business sector through this challenging period. In the short term, this funding is important to keep momentum going for our start-up companies in the cancer research field. In the longer term, current initiatives around clinical trials and health data for COVID-19 can be important building blocks to develop a sustainable health industry in the Nordics. Public and private collaboration is now more important than ever.”

Helena Strigård, Director General of SwedenBIO, Sweden: ”Clinical trials have halted or been delayed, stocks are going down, and a lot of companies could risk bankruptcy."

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