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COVID-19: PentaBase, Novo Nordisk and Rigshospitalet join forces to increase the COVID-19 test capacity to more than 6000 tests per day


“Since the end of March, Novo Nordisk has contributed to Coronavirus testing for Danish hospitals. We have continuously expanded the test capacity and the collaboration with PentaBase now enables us to test over 6000 samples per day," says Torben Storgaard Guldberg, Vice President in research and development at Novo Nordisk in a press release

In an open and collaborative process, PentaBase and Novo Nordisk optimized the test capacity with an acute awareness of not drawing resources from existing facilities or other areas of the healthcare system. By optimization and combination of the three assays of the existing Covid-19 test panel, PentaBase has succeeded in developing a sensitive and specific multiplex version of the Covid-19 test. The multiplexed test is especially advantageous since it reduces the use of scarce plasticware and reagents, while it enables testing of three times as many samples using the same equipment.

Head of Laboratory at the Clinical Microbiological section at Rigshospitalet, Nikolai Kirkby says:“The possibility to optimize the analysis by reducing the use of reagents without compromising the quality of the analysis is essential to effectively test more patients than we do now. Rigshospitalet is responsible for the quality and interpretation of the results to doctors and patients, and through the collaboration with PentaBase and Novo Nordisk, we now have a unique analysis platform that is beneficial for ours and other hospitals.”

PentaBase will now continue to provide Covid-19 assay components manufactured at their site on Funen and supply them to the Danish Healthcare system. At the same time, the successful conclusion of the assay development now allows the team in Odense to address testing facilities outside Denmark as well as the needs of critical infrastructure companies in order to assure an efficiently running Denmark.

CoviDetect™ is PentaBase’s trademark for its Covid-19 related test.

Read the whole press release here

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