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Danish Lotte Klim graduated as EUPATI patient expert


It was a very special day for the EUPATI community, when the group of more than 90 European patient experts were celebrated on 14 December at the event "All Aboard to a Better Health Future". The Danish Platform was established this year.

Lotte Klim and Helle Hansen are the Danish representatives who have been trained as a patient experts in the European Academy for Therapeutic Innovation system. Lotte Klim is furthermore Chairman of the Danish EUPATI Platform, which was establiehed in 2015.

Patient involvement in medicines research and development is a major driving force for transformational change in health care and the development of innovative medicines.

This is why the EUPATI Project is such an exciting and unique opportunity - offering patients and patient advocates education and information on how new therapies are being developed and regulated.

EUPATI works at national levels, implementing EUPATI initiatives in 18 countries. The national teams offer workshops and tutorials for patient communities, interacting with professionals from clinical research, ethics committees, regulators and the pharmaceutical industry.

The current challenge is to bring all these initiatives and experiences together to create value for everyone. For the patient this means better understanding of research and innovation, leading to better therapies and eventually to improved health and well-being.

The conference in December built the foundation for fruitful collaboration between all stakeholders with a role in the medicines development process. It focussed on nurturing an evolving sustainable ecosystem for medical innovation, asking how patients, regulators, academia and industry can continue to work together, how they can further support each other in a trusted and respectful way, while committing themselves to our shared goal of Better Health.

The Danish EUPATI Platform will soon contain all EUPATI's document in Danish. Check the website here:

And see this very informative interview with Dominique Hamerlijnck a longterm patient expert.

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