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Do you want to display your project or business at BIOAGORA 2019?


Please don't hesitate to sign up - and take a closer look at the professional matchmaking platform

We look very much forward to Bioagora 2019, where we still have a few booths left and an unlimited room for guests.

We stress the importance of signing up as guests,too, since no signing up means no lunch!

As part of the programme at the Bioagora we provide professional business matchmaking, which means organised 10 minutes one2one meetings with people at the Bioagora ,who have set up their profile at the Business to Match platform.

We strongly urge all participants to go to

  • Register at the upper right corner of the page
  • Set up your profile to make yourself available and to be able to invite people for meetings
  • Explore the other profiles at the page
  • Select and invite for meetings
  • Accept invitations and receive a time point for the meeting
  • Meet people at the Business Matchmaking meeting area at the very bottom of the Tower (entrance Blegdamsvej)

We look forward to seeing you on 19 November 2019

Sign up as exhibitor here

Sign up as a guest here

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