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Editorial: Collaboration and networking


Biopeople is currently busy developing new projects and new activities are coming to life - following a strategic goal to support the national focus on biomarkers and personalised medicine and at the same time providing a relevant framework for collaboration and networking for the Danish SME’s.

Our activities this fall reflect how we interact with our partners both when we initiate projects and when they take initiatives - as for instance the recent WHINN conference, where a matchmaking session was on the agenda.

Also we are fully engaged in the upcoming Food-In-2-Health Agora on 11 November, where the attendees and exhibitors can lookforward to an exciting and hopefully inspiring day with informal matchmaking,interesting workshops and plenum discussions.

This Agora provides so much energy and activity, that it is hard to imagine howanyone can avoid being inspired and excited during the day in the nice Marmorhallen at the University of Copenhagen campus at Frederiksberg.Our new Danish Biomarker Network is also ready for a new arrangement with focuson biomarkers in autoimmune disease - a workshop on 6 November taking place atour premises at Universitetsparken 2.

We are indeed looking forward to an exciting fall and an exciting 2016, where we expect to see some of the results of our collaboration efforts. We will of course make sure to expose what happens in the projects through our communication channels.

But first of all - we look forward to welcoming many participants at the arrangements in November.

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