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Expectations re. future EUPATI e-learning platform


EUPATI has launched an online survey to best define costs, prices of modules, learning pathways. The survey opened on 22 June 2020 and will close on 6 July 2020.

Involving patients in research can hugely benefit the medicines development process: by bringing in their priorities and perspectives, patients can contribute to developing better treatments for them and others. Greater patient involvement in R&D will boost the efficacy and safety of new treatments and increase public support for medical research.

EUPATI works to develop an e-learning platform on medicines development. To get the best background for that the organisation has launched an online survey on expectations to such a platform to understand the motivation, as well as efforts and resources that patients and patient representatives (and other stakeholders) would be willing to invest in this future EUPATI e-learning platform.

The online survey falls under an EIT Health funded project called EUPATI Reload with European Patients' Forum, Bayer and Biopeople/University of Copenhagen as partners.

Should you besides from answering the questionnaire have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please drop a line to!

EUPATI Reload and EUPATI Team thank you for your collaboration

Please find the link to the online survey here.

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