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Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics: Special issue on Companion and Complementary Diagnostics


Member of the newly established Biopeople working group on personalised medicine, Jan Trøst Jørgensen, is the guest editor for this publication. Deadline for submissions is 15 February, 2020.

With an increasing global attention on personalized medicine, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are focusing more and more on drugs for biomarker defined patient populations. An increasing number of drugs are now guided by a companion diagnostic assay, which is a trend most pronounced within oncology. According to a recent report from the Personalized Medicine Coalition the percentage of clinical trials that include predictive biomarkers have grown substantially. In year 2000, approximately 15 percent of oncology clinical trials involved the use of biomarkers, which in 2018 had increased to approximately 55 percent. The recent developments within companion and complementary diagnostics will be discussed in a special edition of Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, which will be issued in April /May 2020.

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